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And the GRAMMY Goes to: Marcus High School’s Music Department

2013 June 10
MHS band, choir and orchestra students and directors recently accepted MHS’ first GRAMMY award during MHS’s end of year music concert.

MHS band, choir and orchestra students and directors recently accepted MHS’ first GRAMMY award during MHS’s end of year music concert.

This year, The GRAMMY Foundation announced Marcus High School (MHS) as a 2013 GRAMMY Signature Gold School, one of two Gold Schools in the nation, which received a $5,500 cash grant as part of the honor. This is the first time MHS has been recognized as a GRAMMY Signature Gold School.

“What an amazing accomplishment for our students and faculty to have on their resumes now,” MHS Principal Gary Shafferman said, noting meaningful and relevant work engages students in profound learning. “This is another great example of how practice and dedication can come to fruition.”

Since 1998, the GRAMMY Signature Schools program has been recognizing top United States public high schools committed to creating outstanding music throughout the school year. 

“It is a great honor for our music program to be recognized in this manner,” MHS Choral Director Jason Dove said. “We hope the students and community can take pride in MHS’ continued successes and outstanding performances.”

The GRAMMY Signature School selection process begins each school year in August when the GRAMMY Foundation notifies more than 20,000 public high schools nationwide to request information about its music program. Then, applications are completed and submitted in October to the organization. After the applications are scored, finalists are identified and asked to submit additional documentation, such as recordings of school concerts, sample concert programs and repertoire to be reviewed by an independent committee comprised of some of the nation’s top music educators and professionals, who determine the top 10 schools that receive an official GRAMMY award. MHS was among the top three.

“This was an enriching experience not everyone gets to do or be a part of,” student Sara Marshall said. “This is an once in a lifetime-type of honor, which I plan to use as motivation when I am in college.”

Fellow student Autumn Langston agreed.

“I am proud of our accomplishment and now know that hard work truly pays off,” Langston said.

MHS would like to thank the following individuals who helped support its music department to earn such a prestigious award: MHS Band, Choir and Orchestra directors and students; MHS Lead Counselor Cheryl Richey; MHS Data Clerk Linda Lanning; MHS Lead Attendance Clerk Vicki Chance; MHS Assistant Principal Todd Knowles; MHS Principal’s Assistant Rebecca Dromgoole; and MHS Principal Gary Shafferman.

The music department plans to invest the $5,500 reward back into its program to further enhance it and involve more students at MHS.

Additional awards earned by MHS’ Music Department this school year include, but are not limited to: MHS’ band won UIL State Marching Band Contest Conference 5A Finals and named Class Champions in the Bands of America (BOA) Super Regional competition; 12 MHS choir students were named Texas Music Scholars and six were selected to perform in the Texas Music Education Agency (TMEA)’s All-State Choir; MHS Chorale, Varsity Treble and Bel Canto all received a Sweepstakes Award at the University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition; MHS Treble Choir was selected to perform at the 2013 American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)’s national conference; and MHS orchestra received many Superior and Excellent ratings in the Region and State UIL Solo and Ensemble Competitions.

Way to go, Marauders!

Marauder Pride: Senior Edition!

2013 June 5

MARCUS LOGOJune 10, 798 Marcus High School (MHS) Marauders will graduate and take their place as part of the school’s long line of pride, tradition, character, excellence and achievement. In commemoration, a special edition of Marauder Pride was created. In it, we take time to celebrate the class of 2013, honor Marauder Pride and pass on advice to future Marauders. Check out the Marauder Pride: Senior Edition here!

“Insights” – End of School Year Edition

2013 June 5
Catch McAuliffe Elementary’s Kate Bell in this month’s episode of “Insights” with Lewisville ISD (LISD) Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Stephen F. Waddell. During the show, elementary students meet and interview Dr. Waddell.

Go Marauders – May 31 Edition

2013 May 31

FMHS Orchestra Excels at Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition

Congratulations to the following five Marcus High School (MHS) orchestra students, who performed at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Competition, each earning a Superior Rating: Kimberly Best, Grayson Bondurant, Kevin Ewart, David Han and Elizabeth Han. Way to go, MHS Orchestra!
MHS Baseball and Softball

The MHS baseball and softball teams recently played with pride and excellence in what became an end to their playoff journey to state. The entire MHS community is proud of their hard work and effort for the softball team to make it to the Regional Finals and for the baseball team to make it to the Regional Semi-Finals! Way to go, Marauders!


MHS students pass out books to Central Elementary families during the schools’ annual book carnival.

 MHS English Honors Society Gives Back

Recently, MHS English Honor Society (EHS) held a campus-wide book drive to collect gently used children’s books to bring with them to a Book Carnival at Central Elementary - a fellow Lewisville ISD (LISD) elementary school. At the carnival, Central students and their families were treated to food, games, face painting, crafts and of course their selection from more than 2,000 books to take home for their reading pleasure. Fantastic job, Marcus students!
Timber Creek students sell their products to fellow students for a recent BizWorld PBL opportunit


Timber Creek Means Business

Recently, future Marauders in Ashley Payne’s class atTimber Creek Elementary (Timber Creek) completed their BizWorld project-based learning (PBL) opportunity - PBL is a learning method built upon authentic learning activities to engage student interest and motivation through projects applicable to life outside of the classroom. For the project, students formed a company; designed a product; bought materials to make the product; marketed their product; and then put them up for sale for fellow Timber Creek students to purchase in hopes to gain a profit. What a great learning opportunity!


Students Earn National Merit Scholarships

This week, The Dallas Morning News published an article including 2,500 student names from the Dallas area, who were named winners of the college-sponsored National Merit Scholarship! Click here to see which MHS Marauders earned a scholarship. Nicely done, Marauders!


Lamar Students Predict Forecasts at Prairie Trail

2013 May 30
Lamar Middle School students share weather informational children’s books they created for science class with second-graders at Prairie Trail Elementary.

Lamar Middle School students share weather informational children’s books they created for science class with second-graders at Prairie Trail Elementary.

“When students are given the opportunity to share the gift of knowledge, they can and will respond in amazing fashion,” Lamar Middle School (LMS) teacher Jeffrey Carver said.

Recently, LMS eighth-grade students visited Prairie Trail Elementary (Prairie Trail) to teach second-graders a thing or two about the weather – an opportunity involving LISD students to use their strengths, resources and talents to provide engaging, innovative experiences for all learners.

Before visiting Prairie Trail, LMS students in Carver’s science classes were challenged to write and create children’s books about the weather and weather-related issues for second-graders to use as a resource to help them learn more about weather for science class.

“Students took on this challenge with great enthusiasm and excitement because they knew other students were going to benefit from the project,” Carver said. “It was a joy to see students take control of their projects and share their learning experiences with Prairie Trail students.”

According to Prairie Trail teacher Stacey Domzalski, the books LMS students made directly correlated with a recent weather-related lesson second-graders were learning.

“The second-graders were excited to find out ‘big kids’ were learning about the same thing they were learning,” Domzalski said. “Students really enjoyed having middle school students visit their classroom and read to them.”

In addition to trying something new, LMS students were happy to be able to share their knowledge with younger students.

“I liked the project because it forced me out of my comfort zone to create my own story to teach others,” LMS student Morgan Buszczak. “It helped everyone involved by allowing us to participate in the learning process together.”

This was the first year for Carver’s students to visit Prairie Trail, but he looks forward to expanding the project to all elementary schools that feed into LMS in the future.

Now that’s a look at your local weather. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

LISD Social Media Town Hall Recap

2013 May 30

THsmall square4Back by popular demand – Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) hosted its second annual online Social Media Town Hall that streamed live on Tuesday at, garnering approximately 4,077 mentions on LISD’s social media channels.

This year’s town hall allowed parents and citizens to learn about how the district is implementing its Strategic Design initiative for all LISD students to enjoy thriving, productive lives in a future they create. Viewers heard directly from students, teachers, principals and LISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stephen F. Waddell about the many different ways the initiative is being implemented in the classroom.

All five LISD high school feeder patterns were represented during the event, including Hicks Elementary (Hicks), who presented on “Going Global”; Ethridge Elementary (Ethridge), who talked about a recent project-based learning (PBL) activity; Downing Middle School (DMS), where students and principal Lisa Lingren discussed transformation in education; Shadow Ridge Middle School (SRMS), who presented on Google Docs; and Lewisville High School (LHS), who discussed the district’s 1:X program – a groundbreaking, transformative installation of a flexible learning environment that gives students technological devices to access, create, share and collaborate as digital citizens.

Last week, the district opened its Facebook Page to receive questions from community members about the Strategic Design process. Questions were also submitted live on Facebook, Twitter and emailed to, and during the town hall, these questions were answered live by Dr. Waddell and the panel, comprised of students, teachers and principals.

Last year, the district embarked on transforming learning and teaching by engaging more than 5,000 citizens to share their highest hopes for LISD’s students. Through this process, a Strategic Design team was formed and a new vision, mission, core beliefs, goals and objectives were developed to ensure all LISD students are learning at profound levels. Today, more than 11,000 citizens have been involved in the process. Through LISD’s social media town hall, citizens had the opportunity to learn more about the many ways to become involved in the LISD Strategic Design process.

For more information regarding LISD’s Strategic Design initiative, visit: or for additional questions, contact Karen Permetti, Public Information and Community Relations Officer, at

View a recording of the Social Media Town Hall!

LISD Donates $75,000 to West ISD

2013 May 29
LISD Student Advisory Board members present a check to West ISD School Board President Larry Hykel and Superintendent Marty Crawford. Lewisville ISD donated approximately $75,000 to West ISD.

LISD Student Advisory Board members present a check to West ISD School Board President Larry Hykel and Superintendent Marty Crawford. Lewisville ISD donated approximately $75,000 to West ISD.

May 17, Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) delivered approximately $75,000 to West Independent School District (WISD) in West, Texas, where an explosion at a fertilizer plant recently devastated the city.

The money was raised via the “Give ‘em $5” campaign, launched by LISD in April, asking faculty, staff, parents and students to donate at least $5 to help WISD. Thanks to the generosity of the LISD community, the money will help support WISD’s students, faculty and staff as they work to rebuild.
“I am proud of the LISD community,” LISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stephen F. Waddell said. “We were able to use our strengths, resources and talents to provide an innovative learning experience for our students to see the importance of helping others.”
After the funds were collected, LISD Student Advisory Board members and their student council advisors boarded a bus to deliver a check to WISD Superintendent Marty Crawford and School Board President Larry Hykel.
“The gratitude expressed by the WISD Superintendent, School Board President and School Board Trustees when we arrived was a moment that will stay with me and hopefully the students forever,” Flower Mound High School (FMHS) teacher and student council sponsor Jennifer Owens said. “These men choked back tears of joy and thankfulness for what LISD did. I believe this experience will move our students to always find a way to help others.”
Students were honored and excited to be involved in the process.
“Going to West was a life-changing experience for me,” Lewisville High School (LHS) student Michael Jiménez said. “Seeing the devastation in person and not just on the news made it so real. We could feel the pain of the WISD Superintendent and School Board President as we spoke to them about their schools, teachers and students. They were very appreciative of LISD’s donation and were emotional as they told us how the funds would help them. I was thankful all five LISD high schools had representatives there to share in this experience of giving together.”


LISD Building Neighborhood Connections

2013 May 29

logo_inside_lisdThe Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) is seeking participants to be part of the INSIDE leadership program for the 2013-2014 school year. INSIDE, which stands for Interested Neighbors Staying Informed of District Efforts, launched this unique program three years ago. To date, more than 120 citizens have spent a year going behind-the-scenes to learn how the district operates.

As the district begins preparing for the 2013-2014 school year, LISD is recruiting community members to join next year’s class. This program is an in-depth eight- to nine-month program with two-hour sessions. The three goals of this program include:

  • Fostering a single community philosophy
  • Serving as a conduit to the 13 municipalities served by LISD
  • Engaging the community in an open dialogue format where members can receive an in-depth perspective through campus tours, presentations and discussions of how LISD operates.

This hands-on discovery program allows community members who live or work in the school district to learn first-hand how the district is addressing challenges. LISD is extremely excited to provide our citizens this opportunity to discover how our district operates. Citizens will also learn how LISD makes decisions, how tax dollars are budgeted and spent and how the curriculum is developed.

Each monthly session addresses a different area of the district’s operations. The first meeting will be an opportunity to meet fellow team members and administrators. In subsequent sessions, participants will learn budgeting, finance, demographics and long-range planning and much more.

At each meeting, participants will break into teams and participate in roundtable discussions and have the opportunity to explore issues in-depth and later report back to the whole team.

Participants will not sit still – the program is designed to be interactive, hands-on and an open forum for communication. Tours and demonstrations are just parts of the whole experience.

Most importantly, the leadership program is an opportunity for all residents in our 13 municipalities to meet one another and foster a neighborhood connection. Creating and strengthening relationships is a unique benefit of this program.

If you are interested in participating in next year’s class, please fill out the leadership program inventory, which is used to help identify what citizens want to know. After filling out the form, submit it to the Office of Public and Community Relations at For additional questions, call 469.948.8152.

Marcus Students Recreate Theaters of War

2013 May 28
MHS students create European and Pacific Theaters of War Maps to showcase QR codes linking to WW II video projects.

MHS students create European and Pacific Theaters of War Maps to showcase QR codes linking to WW II video projects.

Recently, Marcus High School (MHS) students in Chad Taylor’s World History classes had an opportunity to participate in an engaging learning experience to learn more about the European and Pacific Theaters of World War II (WW II). The European Theater is the part of WW II fought in Europe and Africa, and the Pacific Theater is the part of the WW II that was fought between the United States and Japan.

“It is my hope students will be able take away from this assignment an understanding that WW II was a period where many people placed their lives in jeopardy to fight for a better world,” Taylor said.

For the assignment, students collaborated together to create a 9 by 12 foot map of the European and Pacific Theaters of war during WW II. Students were given the choice to select a WW II topic, event, person, place or action to then research and create a video using to explain their topic. Topics of choice ranged anywhere from Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp during the war; Freedom Gardens; and the Normandy landings and D-Day.

“There were no restrictions or time limits on the video or topic,” Taylor said. “I simply reminded students to use what they learned in English class to have a story with an introduction, middle and end.”

Completed European Theaters of war map created by MHS students.

Completed European Theaters of war map created by MHS students.

It was apparent students found the project interesting.

“This project allowed us to learn about a topic of our choice, which really helped us to start with one topic and then connect to another,” a student said.

After creating videos, students uploaded them to YouTube and created a Quick Response (QR) code to link to them. Then the QR codes were printed and pasted to a colorful map of Europe and the Pacific.

“It was exciting to see how students really ran with this project,” Taylor said. “I didn’t give them any introduction of the topics they chose, but once they began their research, they started talking to each other about the topics and discussing who had the most interesting topic.”

Students learned how easy it is to make QR codes and learn more about WW II.

“I did not know making a QR code was that easy,” a student said. “Now that I see them on the final product, I like the fact that I can choose to watch any video to learn more about the different actions during WW II.”

Go Marauders – May 24 Edition

2013 May 24
LISD Student Advisory Board members present a check to West ISD School Board President Larry Hykel and Superintendent Marty Crawford. Lewisville ISD donated approximately $75,000 to West ISD.

LISD Student Advisory Board members present a check to West ISD School Board President Larry Hykel and Superintendent Marty Crawford. Lewisville ISD donated approximately $75,000 to West ISD.

Students Deliver $75,000 to West ISD 

As part of Lewisville ISD (LISD)’s Give ‘em $5 for West campaign, LISD Student Advisory Board members hoped on a bus on Friday, May 17 to deliver approximately $75,000 to West ISD (WISD)’s School Board President and Superintendent in an effort to support WISD employees and students who may have been affected by the tragic explosion in April. Way to go, LISD students!


MHS Baseball Off to Regional Semi-finals
Congratulations to the MHS baseball team, who recently beat Grapevine High School to move on to play Southlake Carroll High School in the Regional Semi-finals in a three-game series. The second game is set to be played Friday, May 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Marcus. The third game, if necessary, is set to be played Saturday, May 25 at 2 p.m. in Grapevine. If you are unable to make it to the baseball game, visit to watch it live. Good luck, Marauders!


Catch the Latest MOB
The latest version of Marcus Organization of Broadcasting (MOB) is now ready to view at Once you are there, click on MOB Show on the right side of the website. This month’s show features an update on West, Texas; MHS’ Circle of Friends Prom; Heritage Elementary’s feedOne fundraiser and more.